These are the countries bidding to become wind power superpowers

China, the US and Germany are leading the race to expand their wind power farm capacity, as the world focuses on renewables and moves away from fossil fuels.

March 1, 2021

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Circular Economy

How unlocking 'hidden value' can help start-ups transition to a circular economy

Looking at processes from a different viewpoint and identifying the ‘hidden value’ of a business can help start-ups transition to the circular economy.   By Tunç Karabayer Curator for 2021-22 term, Global Shapers Ankara Hub   Businesses tend to work with linear processes, making it challenging to transition to circular […]
Renewable Energy

How replacing coal with renewable energy could pay for itself

New research suggests swapping coal for renewable energy would bring serious economic as well as ecological advantages. Here's how the world might benefit.
Climate Change

Here's how steel and cement could help turn climate change on its head

Steel and cement production need to tackle technical limitations to hit net zero. Government commitments to buy low-emission steel and concrete are needed to help turn climate change on its head.
Climate Change

Why collaboration through platforms is important for tackling the climate challenge

Scope 3+ is a collaborative effort with partner brands and customers to cut 1.5 gigatons of carbon emissions by 2035 and for tackling the climate challenge. This has widely been acknowledged as a bold move.
Climate Change

Methane solutions offer down payment on our climate future

Record increases in atmospheric methane have been observed for the second year in a row. Plugging oil and gas leaks is one solution to reduce emissions.   By Deborah M. Gordon Professor of Biology, Stanford University   Scientists have observed record annual increases in atmospheric methane for the second […]
Climate Change

5 strategies to navigate the shifting frontiers of the energy transition

Climate warnings, COVID-19, geopolitical tensions, and an energy crisis – navigating the energy transition through these turbulent times requires a change in strategy.
Climate Change

3 ways technological innovation can help us meet climate goals

Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and quantum computing are the technological innovation can all help in meeting climate goals, but business and government must also play a role.
Circular Economy

Can brands make reusable packaging more attractive than single-use plastic? NFTs could be the answer

The reusable packaging market could be worth $10 billion. Next-generation reward schemes using digital currencies could help eliminate single-use plastic.

Ensuring sustainable food for 9.8 billion people by 2050

The World Economic Forum is taking steps to improve food security and build inclusive, healthy, efficient and sustainable food systems.

For secure, nature-positive food systems, Europe must invest in farmers

Short-term plans to strengthen Europe's food systems in the light of the Ukraine war must not come at the expense of green ambitions for its agriculture.
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