International Trade Profile of India 2022

All you need to know about the international trade of India, Top trading partners, Top commodities of Indian import and export, Indian trade surplus and the trade deficit with other countries, and more.

November 3, 2022

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Burgernomics - The Big Mac Index 2022

A look at the Big Mac Index and what $50 worth of Big Mac's look like in different countries.
World Economy

These 17 innovators are helping accelerate the transition to a global circular economy

The world faces unprecedented challenges caused by our current approach to production and consumption. These innovators have the solutions to change that to a global circular economy.
World Economy

As inflation accelerates in the US, so does the probability of a recession

Inflation continues to impact the US. The Federal Reserve is raising interest rates in the hope of avoiding a recession - but experts question if it can be achieved.
Waste Management
World Economy

The US must rethink how it uses and reuses wastewater

Circular economy principles must be applied to the US' wastewater consumption — such an approach could have widespread benefits for nature and communities.
World Economy

Is the environment or economy a bigger priority? A view from the US

US public opinion has shifted over time on whether to prioritize the environment or economy. This chart shows how it's changed since the 1980s.
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IMF cuts global growth forecast: The economic stories to read this week

Top economic stories: IMF cuts global growth forecast; Record-breaking funding year for African start-ups; IMF and World Bank warn of record debt levels.
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These strategies will limit the impact of private debt on the global economic recovery

Governments have used fiscal and monetary policies to lessen the economic impact of the pandemic, but this has increased private debt. What can they do next?
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This planet-friendly diet is helping Americans to beat inflation

US inflation hit a 40-year high of 8.5% in March, but food bills have have risen at a lower rate for people who keep animal products out of their diets.
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US heading for recession? The economics stories to read this week

Top economics stories: Brexit drives rise in UK food prices, new report says; US consumer confidence falls; Concerns about global economic growth continue.   By Joe Myers Writer, Formative Content   This weekly wrapper brings you the latest economics stories from the world of economics and finance. Top economics […]
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This is the impact robots will have on developing economies

Does automation constitute an opportunity or a threat for developing countries? Data from Indonesia indicates a positive impact from workplace robots.