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Is India Ready For Tesla ?

Tesla, the world’s leading producer of EVs has announced its intentions to enter India. But experts seem to believe that there is more hype than what reality might offer. [...]


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Rise of China as an economic neo-colonial power, and the case of India being one of the colonies.

China today is the largest trading partner for over 100 countries. And, it’s not a mere coincidence. Their policies have helped them to overtake and lords over global trade as an undisputed king.   By Aks Kuldeep Singh   What is neo-colonialism? Colonialism is when one power or one set of people controls another power [...]



“Dirty Thirty” of the Coal industry investments in coal goes beyond $1 Trillion in 2021

A look at the Coal Industry, it's financiers and how even after the Paris agreement investments in Coal Industry have not slowed. [...]



How man-made decisions made Jakarta the fastest Sinking City in the world

Global supply chain interruptions, closed borders, and trade conflicts raise the specter of nations turning inward and disconnecting from one another. But Princeton’s Harold James thinks Covid-19 may well push us all closer. [...]