WorldRef gives you instant access to developing economies around the world. Compared to conventional selling method, you can expect an accelererated yet sustainable international business development.

Our users have reported savings of up to 80% or in other words doubling their sales within a span of 1-2 years. Talk to us to learn more.

We call Sellers on WorldRef platform as "Selling Partners". The business development expenses incurred are not charged 100% to the seller, rather a portion of it is borne by WorldRef. The intention is to provide a low cost globalisation platform for sellers. WorldRef charges a nominal Success Fee for every successful conversion of the deal.

Yes, indeed. It is our mission to make globalisation accessible to every company in the world. Please explore our export-import service to learn more.

WorldRef plays a key support role in customer management during execution and delivery of the order as well, including recovery of all due payments. Sellers are assured with WorldRef support until 100% payment for products/services is received by the seller.

Yes, make use of WorldRef sales channels for your industry in 20 developing markets across Asia.

As a global seller, you would want to deal with your customers the way they are accustomed to. This allows the seller to gain trust much faster and it also means superior localised customer service. Conventionally, you will have to spend a huge amount of time and money in creating your local sales force in various countries. With WorldRef, we have already done that part.

We offer a specialised meeting service where we give end to end assistance during your foreign business trips. From lining upthe stakeholders, to local follow ups and sales conversion, you can rely upon WorldRef to make your foreign trips 10x more productive. Please explore Market Visit and Meeting Services to learn more.

Yes, we have international business development plans for every need. Please check plans and pricing here.

Our role does not end at placement of an order on sellers. WorldRef deal managers and associates continuously support sellers in customer relationship management during execution, until order is closed.

Get on-ground market research, talk to industry experts and make the right decision. All this at a marginal cost. Check International Market Research Service to learn more.

Sellers get instant access to the buyers and other stakeholders across more than 30 industries and 20 countries. This happens through thousands of Associates working with WorldRef.

You can source any industrial requirement from anywhere across the globe, both products & services. Check Services and Industrial Solutions for more details.

Sure, now get highly economical and localised third party inspection services across the globe. Check Third Party Inspection Services to know more.

WorldRef was conceptualised as "World of References". Our key focus is selecting supply partners with required and genuine references, or experiences. We follow a stringent process of verifying company credentials such as its experience/references its capability certifications, physical verification & financial records.

There a number of globalisation services which are offered and executed directly by WorldRef. For other services, you will be placing order directly on the Seller partner. Similarily, all spare parts and standard industrial equipment are directly sold and door delivered by WorldRef. While, bigger and customised industrial requirements are directly fulflled by Sellers. In either case, as a Buyer you have WorldRef assurance till you receive all goods and services as ordered. Talk to us to learn more.

WorldRef remains committed to the buyers untill all goods and services are delivered as per order/agreement.

International delivery is often included in the scope of sellers. However, if you wish to avail any kind of warehousing, insurance or shipping services check international logistics services from reliable sellers.

We have a specialised services to help in those times when time is most crucial. Visit Emergency Purchase Service to learn more.

We are capable of sourcing industrial products and services from all across the globe. Bolstered by more than 1,000 international Associates, and 15000+ verified sellers, be sure to get just what you require. Tell Us Your Requirement.

Well, you save on your time, resources and money in finding and dealing with genuine and trusted suppliers from all over the world. All sellers and offers come with WorldRef end-to-end assurance. And on top of that, its free!

You can source from foreign as well as domestic suppliers, based on your requirement and delivery time. We bring you suppliers from all over the world, depending upon your preferences.

Yes, Absolutely! We will support you throughout the buying process, starting from vendor selection, quotations, negotiations, order placement until the time your order is executed and delivered successfully. Not only that but also we provide post-sales services during and after the Warranty period. For Post-sales service, you can visit our service page here.

Anybody can be a WorldRef associate. Individuals and companies, both are growing with us as Associates.

As Market Associate you will be responsible for managing the buyers. Generating enquiries, submitting offers, attending meetings, and closing the sale with the buyers. Basically, you don't have to worry about managing sellers and getting genuine, competitive offers. Sell more, earn more. Check How WorldRef Works to learn more

As Supply Associate, you will be responsible for managing the Suppliers. Bringing new suppliers on-board, sending them enquiries, collecting offers, negotiation and closing the order with the Seller partners. Sell more, earn more. Check How WorldRef Works to learn more

As Knowledge Associate, you will be giving your expert opinions, analysis, and share other information (non-confidential) with us while we try to help our users with reliable and on-the-ground research analysis. Sell more, earn more. Check How WorldRef Works to learn more

Certainly. You can play role of more than one Associate, even in the same transaction. The success fee shall be in the same proportion. To discuss in detail, Talk To Us.

Yes, you can certainly choose the role you want to play in entire process. For e.g. you can just submit an enquiry and not participate in further sale process. The Success Fee paid to the Associate varies by the extent of their involvement in entire process. Check How WorldRef Works to learn more

We have created a platform where industry experts can utilise their experience, knowledge, network and geographical location to be a part of global supply chain. Sure you can work as our Associate while working full time, as long as the the assignments you choose to work upon are not violating any agreement you might have with your organisation.

Absolutely Yes. Use WorldRef engine to augment and grow your existing business. For e.g., lets say you are selling motors to a petrochemical plant. With WorldRef with you, you can start selling all those products as well which the same buyer is sourcing from somewhere else. Basically, there no end to which you can increase your offerings. Talk to Us to learn more.

There will be two types of payouts to the Associates. Payment against services provided shall be made within 2 weeks of your invoice/claim as per terms of engagement for that particular service. Payment for Success Fee shall be on pro-rata basis. As WorldRef receives the payment, you can claim the same and it will be promptly paid through secure payment channels.

Depending upon the role you choose, WorldRef will share 30% to 70% Success Fee that it makes from every successful deal.

Yes, once you introduce an organisation, all future deals with the company (either buyer, or supplier) will go through you by default. Unless there are some other specific considerations as per Associate Agreement. Talk to Us for more information.

Yes, there are chances WorldRef makes you regular payment for your services. This is done on a case to case basis. Register as Associate today!

All dealings on WorldRef are protected by Non-Disclosure terms and conditions. Your data, and other information is 100% secure on WorldRef.

As a Market Associate, you can expand your offering portfolio to infinity with WorldRef at your back. The opportunity lies in selling all the products a business is buying, rather than selling 1 or 2 products. All this, with not extra cost or efforts. Same relationships will fetch you more business.

WorldRef Associate platform gives enables everybody, be it an individual or a company, to generate business by utilising their existing knowledge and relationships. With complete support provided by WorldRef, you don't have to worry about anything else, just start dealing!

There is literally no end to the industry or application of your research. We work with our local Associates and Service Partners who are experts in your specific subject. So, we put together the fully flexible and economical solution for you. Get this service across 20 countries in Asia. Talk to Us to know more.

Join thousands of service providers on WorldRef platform and offer your services to global community. Register as service partner. Or talk to us to know more.

We take confidentiality extremely seriously, and all the documents or information exchanged between the parties are protected by Non-Disclosure agreements.

You can expect a response from our deal managers withinfew hours. Offer for your requirement might take 1-2 days to a week, depending upon your requirement.

WorldRef connects you with verified businesses across the globe. We present you options as per your prefrerences, and support you throughout the deal, and beyond.

Yes, utilise WorldRef service partner network across Asia to build or enhance your supply chains with end-to-end warehousing and distribution solutions for all kind of perishable and non-perishable goods.

Yes, certainly. You can either opt for third party payroll services allowing you to depute manpower for specific tasks without having to spend time and money registering local office. Please visit our Global Manpower Solutions. Alternatively, you can use our International Business Presence Service to establish a foreign entity in a swift manner.

All deals and exchange of information is protected by Non-Disclosure terms and conditions. You can be at peace knowing that all communications are completely confidential & secured.

All sellers go through rigorous verification process including their refernces. We bring you the best solutions preferably local providing you the most economical proposition.

Hundreds of businesses are taking advantage of Globally Localised consulting services offered by our Service Partners. Work with local as well as global consultants making entire process competitive, and quick. This also eliminates the risk factor of missing out any important local attribute during your project planning.

WorldRef provide export-import financing solutions in order to boost the global trade among the businesses. For more details, you can visit export-import service page or just talk to us.

We present you offers from a number of reliable service providers as per your requirement and preferences. You can choose any of them, negotiate and close the deal. Be assured of WorldRef support until the ordered service is delivered to your satisfaction.

We present you offers from a number of reliable service providers as per your requirement and preferences. You can choose any of them, negotiate and close the deal. Be assured of WorldRef support until the ordered service is delivered to your satisfaction.

Overcome all coomunication barriers while dealing with businesses from foreign countries. Get all kind of business and technical translations whether its legal documents, technical drawings, company catalogues, O&M Manuals, and much more. Check Translation Services and International Branding for more details.