A Revolutionary Platform to Empower and Harness Your Wealth

Selling Associates

Generate leads and sell industrial equipment and services to your network. Get complete supply end support from WorldRef.

Buying Associates

Work with WorldRef on genuine global industrial sourcing enquiries. Earn success fee with every successful deal.

Knowledge Associates

Work with global businesses on training, advising, consulting and other assignments as per your preference. Get paid for sharing your knowledge and experience.

Empowering You To Empower Glocalisation

You, Associates, are the nerve centre of our Global Localisation Engine. Earn upto 70% of Success Fee that is generated on every deal done through WorldRef. Use your existing network and resources to generate more than 10x transactions, powered by WorldRef.


More Sales, Same Buyers

We enable you sell freely anything that your Buyers are seeking. Get instant offers from thousands of reputed and verified Supply Partners.


Safe & Secure

Develop Business with complete peace of mind. With WorldRef, you will never have to worry about uncertainties in getting paid for successful deals.


Associate Support

Not being an expert in a particular product will never be a challenge in selling that product to your market with WorldRef’s support system.


No Conflict of Interest

Use your network and expertise where it doesn’t conflict interests of your existing line of business. Leverage Worldref platform to expand your income and reach.


Sustained Earnings

Once a Supply Partner is assigned to you (Supply Associate), you will earn success fee from all transactions done with that Supply Partner. It really pays off with WorldRef!


Training & Development

Our Success depends upon Success of our Associates, that’s You. You can be assured of all necessary training and development for you to shine as a star sales rep.

How WorldRef Works for Associates

Assured Fee With Every Successful Deal


Tell us your expertise & industry preferences, followed by your on-boarding.


Leverage WorldRef to generate leads from your network/market.


WorldRef gives you complete supplier support with quick & competitive offers.


Close deals with the clients. Earn upto 60% share in the success fee.

Work on Sourcing Enquiries, Earn Success Fee


Tell us your expertise & industry preferences, followed by your on-boarding.


Get requests for quotation as per your preferences.


Register sellers, generate offers, negotiate & close the orders.


Earn upto 40% share in the success fee. Sellers shall be exclusively assigned to you.

Put Your Knowledge and Experience to Start Earning for You


Tell us about you, and your preferences.


Get projects and assignments from global clients.


Choose the assignments you want to work on.


Get paid for your time and services.

$ 2B+

Trade Enabled


Delighted Users



$ 6500



Anybody can be a WorldRef associate. Individuals and companies, both are growing with us as Associates.

As Selling Associate, you will be responsible for managing the buyers. Generating enquiries, submitting offers, attending meetings, and closing the sale with the buyers. Basically, you don't have to worry about managing sellers and getting genuine, competitive offers. Sell more, earn more. Check How WorldRef Works to learn more.

As Buying Associate, you will be responsible for managing the Suppliers. Bringing new suppliers on-board, sending them enquiries, collecting offers, negotiating and closing the order with the Seller partners. Sell more, earn more. Check How WorldRef Works to learn more.

As Knowledge Associate, you will be giving your expert opinions, analysis, and share other information (non-confidential) with us while we try to help our users with reliable and on-the-ground research analysis. Sell more, earn more. Check How WorldRef Works to learn more.

Yes, you can certainly choose the role you want to play in the entire process. For e.g. you can just submit an enquiry and not participate in the further sale process. The Success Fee paid to the Associate varies by the extent of their involvement in the entire process. Check How WorldRef Works to learn more.

We have created a platform where industry experts can utilise their experience, knowledge, network, and geographical location to be a part of the global supply chain. Sure you can work as our Associate while working full time, as long as the assignments you choose to work upon are not violating any agreement you might have with your organisation.

Absolutely Yes. Use WorldRef engine to augment and grow your existing business. For e.g., let's say you are selling motors to a petrochemical plant. With WorldRef with you, you can start selling all those products as well which the same buyer is sourcing from somewhere else. Basically, there no end to which you can increase your offerings. Talk to Us to learn more.

There will be two types of payouts to the Associates. Payment against services provided shall be made within 2 weeks of your invoice/claim as per terms of engagement for that particular service. Payment for Success Fee shall be on a pro-rata basis. As WorldRef receives the payment, you can claim the same and it will be promptly paid through secure payment channels.

Depending upon the role you choose, WorldRef will share a 30% to 70% Success Fee that it makes from every successful deal.