International Market Research

Understand International Market Before Diving Deep

An Important Step Towards Sustainable Global Business

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Actionable Market Insights

Get feedback on strategic plans, keep pace with technological change, and drive innovation in the right markets.


Relevant Data Points

Find relevant market data all at one place, helping you in acutely strategising international market entry.


Access to Local Experts

When you need to understand a very specialized market, people with first-hand experience provide the most powerful insights.



of 1,239 organisations in the US, Europe, & Australia revealed that they suspect their international research data might be inaccurate in some way. The quality of data was highlighted as the main concern for cross-border expansion. (*The Global Data Quality Research 2015)

Evaluate, Formulate, and Validate Business Plans.


Understand the Nuances of Your International Market Before Making Big Decisions.

Get Tailored Market Analysis solutions, and make strategic decisions based on comprehensive knowledge of the targeted market.

Market Trade Analysis

Market Risk Assessment

Market Sizing & Forecasting

Qualitative Research

Market Trend Analysis

Technical Research

Customer Research

Market Sales Analysis

Quantative Research


Perfectly Place You Products and Services in the International Market.

Identify crucial market issues, & smartly prepare for successful designing & development of projects in the International Market.

Initial Product Analysis

Local Costs Estimation

Pricing Intelligence

Competition Intelligence

Cost Optimisation

Target Customer Research

Product & Service Testing


Know Your International Customers and Market Better.

Determine changing market conditions and their impact by conducting industry-specific surveys in the targeted international markets.

Market Survey Design

Online Market Survey

Customer Feedback Survey

Market Survey Programming

Supplier & Operational Survey

Customer Feedback Audit

Provider Satisfaction Survey

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It's a Myth

that B2B marketing should target the highest-level executives. In REALITY 81% of employees not in the C-suite influence purchasing decisions while While 64% of the C-suite has final sign-off. (The Changing Face of B2B Marketing, Google, 2015)

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