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respondents are expecting "economic confrontations" to increase in 2021 mainly because of USA and China decoupling. 40% of Global GDP is contributed by USA and China alone, and they are also world’s leading innovators. ( *The Global Risks Report 2020, World Economic Forum)

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Examining Target's Business Scalability

Address potential market risks and unrealised growth potential with local Due Diligence experts.

Internal Analysis

Administrative Due Diligence

Operational Due Diligence

Accounting Due Diligence

Financial Strength


Product Portfolio

Technology Assessment


Detailed Financial Assessment Solutions

Comprehensive suite of services that help you identify financial risks and potential deal breakers.

Buy Side Due Diligence

Sell Side Due Diligence

Asset Valuation Review

Acquisition Due Diligence

Vendor Due Diligence

Internal Audit Personnel

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Project Cost Estimates

Financing Plan Preparation


Economical Technical Due Diligence Solutions

Verify the technical aspects of a project and safeguard your investment by mitigating potential risks.

Technical Feasibility

Permits & Licenses Review

Project Timeline

Review of Suppliers

Review of Contractors

Supply Materials Assessment

Installation Cost Evaluation

Development Cost Evaluation

Technical Audits


Investigate Potential Business Liabilities

Accurate legal assessment of the project to avoid pertinent issues and legal risks associated with it.

Legal Scrutiny Reports

Regulatory Compliance


NPA & Loan Takeovers Checks

Legal Audits of Loan Accounts

Property Records Investigation

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