International Market Visits

5x More Returns From Your International Market Visits

The World is Open for Business. Are You?

Leverage the power of a global network to connect you with the most suitable stakeholders in markets. Our services are designed to reduce time, cost, and resources for the globalisation of your business.

Explore International Markets

Our platform creates an opportunity for global businesses to connect and explore new markets in 20+ countries across Asia.

Meet Local Industry Experts

Conduct introductory business meetings with the local industry stakeholders and market players during your trade missions.

Overcome Communication Barrier

Overcome language and Cultural Barrier while meeting local people with our local associate support during the visit.

Learn Overseas Business Culture

Gain proper knowledge of local business culture, trends, market scenarios, and how business is conducted overseas.

Understand Local Buyer's Behavior

Understand the buying behavior of local customers that will help you localize the products and services accordingly.

Build Rewarding Relationship

Build fruitful relations with the local suppliers and industry stakeholders to create a robust supply chain internationally.


7 times

Research says potential customers need to be exposed to your brand at least 7 times before they commit to a purchase. That means you need to use as many channels as possible to reach global customers wherever they are and use localized omnichannel assets to reach them. (*MAURIZIO PITTAU, 2019)

How It Works For You


WorldRef will conduct Market research for your chosen market.


Well-Planned Meeting Itineraries according to your preferences.


WorldRef Associate Network will assist you during the visit.


Post visit follow-up to generate Business Leads.


Register as WorldRef Selling Associate.


Work on leads and enquiries posted by customers from across Globe.


Help us deliver the services successfully with your knowledge and network.


Get assured fee through secured channel on the project completion.

Globalisation Platform That’s Trusted by the Best in Industry

$ 2B+

Trade Enabled for Selling


Delighted Users







Sales Managers reported "getting in touch with prospects" as the biggest challenge for successful deals. 42% placed "establishing urgency" on the top of the list, while 35% said "overcoming price objections" was the biggest challenge. (*2021 Sales Enablement Report, HubSpot)

Interested in Visiting International Markets Across Asia?

Get Instant Access to the Industry Experts From the Top 20+ Growing Global Markets.


WorldRef Associate accompanies you for the meetings and helps you communicate in case of a language issue. Associate being an industry expert, makes sure that nothing is lost in translation.

The scope of WorldRef includes shortlisting the potential stakeholders for the meeting. Lining up meetings with shortlisted people, coordinating any changes in the schedule, fill in the gaps if needed, and finally following up on the meeting outcomes.

Based upon your business objective, we conduct a complete market research for your industry domain and let you understand the each pros and cons related. Check Market Research Service for more details.

We are offering International Market Visit Services across all leading economies in Asia. Bolstered by more than 1,000 international Associates, and 15000+ verified sellers, be sure to get just what you require. Tell Us Your Requirement.